Inside Athletics

Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of the athletic program at Brigham Young University Hawaii must enhance and support the overall academic, spiritual, cultural, and social mission and purpose of the university. We seek to accomplish this by:

•Providing opportunities for student -athletes to develop leadership abilities, teamwork skills, character, and integrity that will enhance their education and help prepare them for a lifetime of leadership and service in their homes, communities, professions, and in building the kingdom of God.

•Promoting and developing friendships throughout the university’s target areas of Asia and the Pacific through participation in sports.

•Provide a wholesome activity that brings the students of BYU Hawaii together and promotes school pride, identity, and unity among our diverse student body and the community at large.

•Enhancing and extending the reputation of BYU Hawaii locally and internationally by providing positive recognition for the university through local, national, and international media.

•Being a center of excellence both on and off the field by integrating spiritual and academic learning and development and main taining high standards of behavior and competition among both student-athletes and staff.

•Recruiting student-athletes who are committed to high academic standards and the university honor code.

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