Information for Visiting Teams

Information for Visiting Teams


Parking lots are outlined in orange on the our campus map. Please be advised that all lots, with the exception of the General Parking Lot, contain restricted spots for faculty, staff or other university personnel. Please pay attention to all signs to avoid any tickets from campus police. In addition, parking on the grass at the soccer and softball fields for a non-campus vehicle is not allowed and can result in a vehicle being stuck in the mud on a rainy day.


Below are the protocols for all sports. Volleyball and basketball have multiple protocols based on broadcasting schedules. Broadcast details can be found on our schedule pages or by contacting our sports information department. All actual times listed on protocols are subject to change if games deviate from their normally scheduled time slots.

Basketball standard protocol
Basketball protocol on BYUtv
Soccer protocol
Softball weekday protocol
Softball Saturday protocol
Volleyball standard protocol
Volleyball protocl on BYUtv 

Practice Times

Practice times on our courts and fields can be arranged for each sport with the following coaches. We ask for at least one week notice for scheduling purposes.

Men's basketball: Gabriel Roberts
Women's basketball: Craig Stanger
Soccer: Dan Dümmar
Softball: Minga Latu
Tennis: Dave Porter
Volleyball: Mona Ah Hoy

Shower Facilities

Please notify one of our coaches of your intent to use our shower facilities at least 24 hours before the game.

Game Film

Game film for soccer, basketball and volleyball can be acquired from the team manager of each sport. Copies can be made available by DVD or on a USB drive. Please notify the team manager of your preferred method.

Other needs

For any game management needs please contact Wendy Anae and for any sports information needs please talk to Spencer Shamo

Athletic Trainers

Please visit our visiting athletic trainer's page for more information.

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