Visiting Athletic Trainers

Visiting Athletic Trainers

Visiting Athletic Trainer,

Aloha, from the islands of Hawaii! Our Athletic Training Staff welcome you and your athletes to Brigham Young University Hawaii for the coming season. We are located in the Cannon Activity Center (CAC) (see map link below). We ask that if your team will be traveling without an athletic trainer, please provide your own taping and other needed supplies and contact the BYUH Athletic Training Staff so that we may accommodate your athletes' needs. Please send a written explanation of any treatment needs.  The use of modalities will be limited to only heat and ice if there are not any written protocols provided. 

Should you have any special requests or other arrangements needed, please feel free to contact us at the numbers listed on the contact page. With any off-campus competitions there will be a Certified Athletic Trainer on hand, but there will be only ice, water, cups and first-aid supplies available. No other modalities will be provided for use. If your team is competing against a team other than BYU-Hawaii and not in a BYU-Hawaii sponsored tournament, there will not be any coverage unless prior notification and arrangements have been made.

During your visit we have the following services available to you:
1. Electrical modalities available in the main training room: Dynatron 950 ( ultrasound, combo, hi-volt, russian, pre-modulation, IFC, and micro); Dynatron 150 (ultrasound); Forte CPS (IFC, hi-volt, pre-modulation, micro, VMS, Russian, ultrasound, and combo).
2. Ice bag, Hot Hydroculator, Cold Whirlpools, & Hot Whirlpool(on request)
3. Bench: Ice cooler w/ bags, water cooler, cups, and biohazard supplies.
4. A certified athletic trainer will be present for all games. Our team physician will be on call for all games. 

Please Review the BYUH Concussion Management Guidelines.

Alisting of Physicians, Hospitals, and other contacts is on the contacts page.

Sincerely yours,
Dawn Akana A.T.,C., Head Athletic Trainer
Guy R. Boydstun Jr...A.T.,C., Assistant Athletic Trainer

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