Training Room Facilities

Training Room Facilities

The Brigham Young University-Hawaii training room is well equipped to care for the student/athletes of BYU-Hawaii and visiting teams. Electrical modalities available in the main training room are: Dynatron 950 ( ultrasound, combo, hi-volt, Russian, pre-modulation, IFC, and micro); Dynatron 150 (ultrasound); Forte CPS (IFC, hi-volt, pre-modulation, micro, VMS, Russian, ultrasound, and combo).

The training room can also provide the following: Ice bag, Hot Hydroculator, Cold Whirlpools, & Hot Whirlpool(on request)

The following are provided to the benches at the site of competition: Ice cooler w/ bags, water cooler, cups, and biohazard supplies.

A certified athletic trainer is present for all events. Our team physician is on call for all events.

Training room guidelines

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