25 Pitisi Tualau
25 Pitisi Tualau
Height: 5'10"
Year: Jr.
Hometown: Kahalu'u, Hawaii
Position: P/1B

Parents: Mesui and Carrie Tualau

Siblings: Has one brother

Major: General Biology

Before college: Played softball for Kahuku High School under Ed Davis.

Why BYU-Hawaii: "I love its atmosphere and all the diverse people I have met here."

Why Softball?: "When my mom was pregnant with me she was playing softball.  I began by playing little league baseball and as I got older I was switched to softball.  My mom wanted me to a pitcher so I did."

Most influential people in your career: "Every family member has had their fair share in influence in my softball career.  My mom and grandpa has always been my number one supporters coming to almost every game.  My dad has been my coach my whole life he was a huge reason of why I did so well my senior year of high school.  He was my pitching coach he called every pitch and he always had confidence in me I trusted him with my whole heart.  My brother pushed me to be better because I wanted to be a proper role model to show him even when things were hard and the coaches weren't always the best to never give up."

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