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BYU-Hawaii Korean Tour Central

BYU-Hawaii Korean Tour Central

BYU-Hawaii men's basketball is currently in the midst of a Korean Tour, visiting all over South Korea and playing in a national tournament.

Use this page to get the latest on all things happening on the trip.

We'll be posting pictures in the Korean Tour Gallery throughout the trip. Check out the latest update.

Visit the gallery, along with the BYU-Hawaii Seasider Athletics Facebook page for quick hits about the trip.

Coach Wagner and Ian Haward on the upcoming tournament: CLICK HERE

We've also posted a full video of the first game against Korea University and the game vs. Yonsei in the video index page.

The team has been getting a lot of attention in Korea. Several media outlets in Korea have been interested in the team and here a few highlights of the many stories written about the Seasider program over the past few weeks. (Articles are in Korean so we have provided a quick synopsis in English if you are not a Korean speaker)
-Promoting BYUH basketball players as role models of good student athletes for Korean players. The article's title, "목표는 치과의사" 한국 대학농구에 던진 메시지" quotes Cory Lange after a press conference and is roughly translated: "'After Graduation, My Goal is to be a Dentist'- The Message thrown to Korean Basketball". The article then goes on to highlight BYU Hawaii sports program as a role model of how college athletics should be done in Korea. BYUH program is complemented for academics as the emphasis and how BYUH athletes treat basketball as more of a healthy hobby than a sole way of life. Cory Lange is the case study highlighting his desire to become a dentist and how basketball has provided that opportunity for him to study. It also uses the BYUH team as a role model of how all college teams in Korea should be run. Short, focused practices to allow time for players to study. In fact the BYUH team has hardly practiced at all together before this tournament, yet the BYUH players display greater skill than the Korean teams on average. More importantly, these NCAA Division II BYUH players clearly play the game because they enjoy it and are having fun. Something this writer believes all Korean College basketball can learn from.
-Showing the respect Korea basketball has for Coach Wagner, who has been helping Korean teams, coaches and players in Korea for well over 20 years. Describes how the current Korea National Head Coach Yoo Ji Hak came to BYUH as an assistant to Coach Wagner in 1990. It talks about their close relationship and how much respect Coach Yoo and many other Korea coaches have for Coach Wagner. Also mentions current Hyundai Mobis pro player and BYUH alum Lee Dae Sung and other BYUH players in Korea
-The prominence of BYUH basketball in Korea. This article points out the BYUH basketball team is one of the most well known foreign teams among Koreans. Many of the most famous basketball players and coaches in Korea have direct ties to BYUH basketball. Specifically mentions current pro players Park Sung Hoon and Lee Dae Sung as BYUH alumni. Also mentions the desire of many Korean basketball players that want to attend BYUH, naming a top national prospect Lee Joo Han, who has declared his intention to play for BYUH and is preparing for the TOEFL and other required exams to be accepted into school, so he is not yet eligible to play with BYUH in this tournament. Also has a throwback pic of Coach Wagner from one of his many previous visits to Korea. Since BYUH has arrived this trip, over 50 articles about BYUH have been written in various newspapers and there has been significant TV, radio and internet coverage.
-Article Title: "Why do Korean Players Like BYUH Alumni Lee Dae Sung prefer BYU Hawaii?"
The article starts with "그중 가장 많은 관심을 받고 있는 팀은 바로 미국 하와이의 브리검영 대학이다" (Among all the teams at the tournament, the team that receives the most interest is the USA Hawaii Brigham Young University).

Stay tuned for more updates.

Special thanks to David Evans and Kevin Castle for contributing information and photos.

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